VerbArt. Dubai 2024
Multimedia exhibition VerbArt Dubai 2024
VerbArt presents a unique multimedia project VerbArt Dubai 2024, which contains various art objects of contemporary Russian art - painting, graphics, photography, video art, computer art. The exhibition itself is an art object and begins its journey around the world. Our goal is to introduce investors to contemporary Russian art. We believe that now is the time to invest in Russian art objects. Professional Russian art is a good investment. Currently, prices for Russian art are at a point that will ensure further growth in investment.
The uniqueness of the VerbArt project is that we offer the investor not just exhibitions, but a whole range of information materials for successful investments - these are printed magazines "Art and Life", containing art reviews of new works and contact details of artists, these are directly multimedia exhibitions, with the help of which you can get acquainted with interesting authors. And auctions of contemporary art, where every investor can buy not only original works, but also edition works that are produced in limited editions and have high investment potential.
You can download the file of our multimedia exhibition for viewing on high-definition TVs, home theaters, and film projectors. The video is intended for broadcasting at various events, meetings, and presentations.
Watch on big screens. Enjoy contemporary Russian art.
Download and burn the file to a flash drive, insert it into your TV or film projector, and start watching the video.